IER i420

Compact Desk-Check-In Printer

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Access-IS Passport Reader

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Access-IS Passport Reader

Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag Printer

The Fujitsu 9870 is a boarding pass and baggage tag printer. This Airport Ticketing solution uses the essence of Fujitsu's most advanced technologies. It has not only high performance and reliability but also its smallness for limited space and reasonable price for the end user.

  1. Banking & insurance
  2. Mobile network operators
  3. Hotels, airports and car rental
  4. Gaming and casinos
  5. Alcohol and tobacco sales
  6. Tax refunds and money exchange
  7. Border control & law enforcement
  8. Document and visa Issuance

Thermal Printer for Boarding Pass and Bagtag Label Printer

The EPSON TM-L500A Thermal Printer for Boarding Pass and Bagtag Label Printer is an affordable solution for printing boarding passes and bag tag labels. It features high-speed printing, reliability and support for AEA 2009 and all major passenger processing systems.

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Manufacturer FujitsuEpsonIER
Model F9870 TM-L500A i420
Autocutter Standard Y Y Y
Windows Compatible Y Y
Printhead Only Replacement Y N Y
LCD Option Y Y Y
Print Resolution 203 DPI 203 DPI 203 DPI
Top Print Speed 10 inch/s 10 inch/s 6 inch/s
Weight under 5 lbs Y N Y
RFID Option Field & Factory Upgradeable NA Factory Upgradeable
Mean Time Between Failures 440,000 hours 360,000 hours 53,000 hours
Maximum Print Head Life 150 Km 100 Km 125 Km
Maximum Cutter Life - depending on media 1,000,000 cuts 1,000,000 cuts Not Publicly Available
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