Project Management

Maintenance Contracts

ODS will help you maximize your IT investment by providing great service and knowledgeable professionals who have trained with the manufacturers.
ODS will offer a single point of support for rapid resolution and superior service.

Installs, Moves, Additions, Changes (IMAC)

ODS knows that IMAC, which stands for Installations, Moves, Additions and Changes (as well as disposal), are among the top needs of companies today.
With years of experience in Project Management, ODS has the right staff to help manage IMAC’s successfully with our clients throughout North America, South America and the Caribbean.

Services Level Agreements (SLA) Compliance

Our attention to detail will always ensure Service Level Agreements are adhered to by professional partners who understand on-time and precise repair practices.

Asset Tracking

Keeping up with IT equipment is an important and vital piece of maximizing your IT investment. ODS will ensure the proper inventory management by quickly identifying, locating and auditing your company’s assets.

Equipment Life Cycle Management

Whether or not you need consignment, inventory management, warehousing or e-cycling can depend on a variety of factors. Whatever your challenges may be, if your organization manages a large IT infrastructure and you are looking to maximize your resources and budgets, ODS' equipment life-cycle management programs can be a valuable service.

Refurbishment and Reconditioning of IT Equipment

Management of your reconditioning and refurbishment needs will allow you to lower expenditures and downtimes. Utilizing ODS’s management program will ensure high-performance, low-cost solutions will be available and provided with the same reliability and functionality as new products. If you have a limited IT budget, ODS’ line of refurbished products is the perfect alternative to buying new — you get quality solutions at a lower cost.

The products provided in the reconditioning and refurbishment program undergo a complete refurbishment and testing processes, fully restoring them to meet ODS’ strict quality standards and ensuring they meet or exceed all original factory specifications. You have ODS’ commitment of the same uncompromising high quality and performance that is expected from new products sold by ODS.

The ODS program ensures that products are given our full warranty, ranging from 3 months to 3 years, after passing ODS’ strict quality tests, guaranteeing ODS quality and reliability. You can take advantage of significant discounts with the peace of mind of a new equipment purchase.

Service Desk

In conjunction with our call center services, ODS offers Service Desk Services which provides maintenance contract customers a Single Point of Contact ("SPOC") to meet the communication needs of both our customers and our repair technicians. This SPOC also works on actively monitoring and owning repair incidents and routing them to the correct parties and escalating them when needed.

Warranty Administration

As an Authorized Service Provider (ASP) for many manufacturers here in the States and in Latin America, ODS is able to honor the original OEM warranty whether it be onsite or at our network of partner depots.

Spare Parts Management

IT “Smart Hands” Services: We can perform simple tasks, adjustments, and repairs on your IT equipment with guidance form your IT staff allowing your onsite support staff to work on key objectives.

Preventive Maintenance

No matter what kind of IT equipment preventive maintenance services you might need, ODS can be your partner throughout the United States. Our PM programs handle everything from kiosks, intelligent keyboards, laser and MFP preventive maintenance to thermal and dot matrix printers.

For highly customized and repetitive tasks such as check-in agents at an airport, self-service kiosks, access control, financial institutions and point of sale systems, a preventive maintenance program can minimize down time and reduce replacement costs. Due to our strength in these industries, OmniData Services Group (ODS) specializes in the maintenance programs to reduce cost and concerns.

ODS’ nationwide coverage means that we can have preventive maintenance services for you and your organization, regardless of your location. ODS is headquartered in Houston, Texas and we cover more than 90% of US zip codes with our network of qualified and dependable field technicians.

We have been these services since 1990 both in the United States and throughout the Americas.Our rich experience can help us provide for you the most cost effective and reliable preventive maintenance services nationwide.

We specialize in nationwide project management services. Contact Us for a quote today