When diagnosing an ATB ticket printer jam for a TI/Genicom printer, it is important to determine first where the coupons are jamming. Those are generally indicated by the printer through its zones.

    Error: Jam in Zone A.  This is caused by wear on the bin rollers or a defective bin (bad motor, broken plastic, worn cable).
    Error: Jam in Zone B or C: Wear on the drive tires and belts, defective motor.
    Error: Jam in Zone D: Worn shuttle rollers, tires and belt.
    Error: Jam in Zone F: Worn tires or defective stacker (bad motor).

Most of these issues will require the replacement of the corresponding parts. Consult your instruction kit for more information or Contact ODS.

If upon powering on the printer the printhead carriage slams to either side of the printer, there are most likely two causes. Both the power and ground wires are reversed on carriage motor, or you may have a defective carriage motor. In either case it is recommended you replace the carriage motor per your instruction kit or Contact ODS

The solution can depend on the specific problem you are facing. If you have missing or unaligned print characters, you most likely have a defective printhead. If your print characters appear smudged or the ribbon has left smears on the edges of the paper, you may need to either adjust your ribbon guide or replace it. If you are seeing blurred or faded print characters, you have excessive wear on the print head. In all scenarios consult your instruction kit or Contact ODS.

First, check to see if you are you using a GDS specified cable? All GDS have their exclusive cables that need to be properly installed

Second, did you call your GDS support desk to request the particular PECTAB/format record?

Or Contact ODS.

PECTAB (Parametric Table) is a data template used for communication with Automated Ticket and Boarding Pass (ATB) devices including printing of Boarding Passes. For more information Contact ODS.

All ATB printers are driven by GDS proprietary software not Windows Driver specific.

Yes, we lease equipment.  For more information Contact ODS

Yes, if you switch your GDS, you will need a new serial adapter that is custom to your new GDS needs.