Global Service Network

Airline/Airport Desktop Maintenance

As a leading provider of multi-vendor technology support services in North and Latin America, ODS delivers world-class Hardware and Tech support for many customers worldwide.

Our goal is to provide reliable, high-quality technology deployment and support across the entire industry. From the legacy to the latest technology solutions to meet ongoing, seasonal or unexpected needs. We provide comprehensive, cost-effective solutions for a wide selection of technologies, multi-vendor and multi-platform. This includes Desktop, Network and Data Center Support services. We provide our services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through our coverage locations thereby providing outstanding speed and reliability to meet any particular Service Level Agreement (SLA) or requirement.


  • Hardware Support Coverage in More than 21 Countries
  • Certified and Authorized to provide In Warranty & Out of Warranty for a selection of Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Technical and Service Support Centers throughout North & Latin America

Local Spares Management & Storage

OmniData Services' spares management and storage via its network functions for our customers to:

  • Reduce the cost of returns with lower return volumes and reduced transportation cost, repair & warehousing overheads
  • Increase the value and return of the installed base equipment
  • Reduce labor costs by programing the supplies and repair process
  • Lower budgeting inventory costs

Procurement Outsourcing

ODS offers unique Procurement and Smart Sourcing solutions that provides customer options that are reliable, safe and cost effective. We respond and work promptly to deliver the cost effective solution for your services or IT needs.

We are a compliance focused company. We are certified and authorize to offer large scale options solutions. We handle over 21 countries, and many markets; giving us the opportunity to work in any projects or industry.

Give us the opportunity and we will earn our reputation yet again by creating a rewarding and durable solution.

Logistics and Reverse Logistics Support

The costs related with managing Logistics or Reverse Logistics are significant and not always noticeable. ODS has developed a multi-vendor network department that is a best-in-class solution. We are dedicated to providing premier logistics services that solve equipment and parts repair for transportation and distribution needs.

Local Break/Fix Maintenance

We at ODS will work with you and your local teams to identify your long-term technological goals and map out the best strategy for achieving them in the most cost efficient and effective manner possible.

ODS is committed to working as your local partner to help develop and implement the correct solution to your IT needs and technology requirements. In doing this our objective is to allow you to experience our high level of commitment as an extension of your company with the same goals and expectation.

Depot and On-Site Support

Our depot and on-site support services:

  • Reduce the cost of returns with lower return volumes, fewer interactions in the process, decreased transportation, repair & warehousing expenses
  • Increase the value and utility of returned merchandise
  • Capture, analyze and report vital product information including reliability, maintainability and dependability in order to identify design flaws and recommend improvements, thereby extending product lifecycle and reducing returns
  • Reduce labor costs by automating the returns process
  • Increase cash flow with reduced disposition cycle times and greater asset velocity, lowering pipeline inventory costs

Local Equipment Disposal

ODS provides a Recycling and Disposal Program with a uniquely tailored approach to maximize each customer’s economic goals.
We ensure destruction of all equipment and data in a compliant manner; or, as requested by the customer.

On-Line Repair Ticket Tracking

With our Web-IT-based platform, we work to give you a complete visibility on your critical service including activities on applications, servers, desktops, network, and storage. We make sure you have the right information real time. If needed, our system will immediately escalate the situation to all of the appropriate personnel who can work together until the issue is resolved.

This service provides proactive monitoring, notification, escalation, and real-time reporting through our web-based portal. This, also, allows customers to select the appropriate metrics to monitor for performance activities and SLA’s.