Kiosk Repair

Professional Repair and Maintenance of Self-Service Kiosks by ODS

From airport and hotel check-ins to photo printing, bill paying, movie tickets and many other transactions, self-service kiosks are increasingly important. It is estimated that 131,000 self-service kiosks exist in the United States alone.

At OmniData Services (ODS) our years of experience in the travel and airline industry has given us, the know-how to cost-effectively repair and maintain self-service kiosks. We are able to service a selection of self-service kiosks for multiple uses from a variety of manufacturers.

Contact ODS if you are looking to repair or refurbish one or more self-service kiosks.

For those in a limited IT budget, a refurbished self-service kiosk may be a preferred alternative to purchasing a new one. ODS specializes in the refurbishment of self-service kiosks and other IT equipment. Our ISO 9001 certification ensures that our people and processes meet the quality standards you would expect from a world-class service provider. 

Count on ODS for Delivery of Self-Service Kiosks Where You Need Them

No matter where your self-service kiosks are located, after repair at our Houston headquarters, we can ship the equipment back to you quickly. We have been recognized by our clients for our short turnaround times, quality work and competitive pricing

Need a price quote on repair service for self-service kiosks? Contact ODS today.