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Inspect, authenticate or capture data from electronic travel and identity documents quickly and reliably with the Gemalto Document Reader AT10K.
Designed for use in demanding border management scenarios, it also serves banking, hospitality, travel and any other industries where you need accurate and reliable document and ID verification and reading.

The design of the Gemalto AT10K is based on detailed and exhaustive analysis of field experience and numerous deployed projects. With a new “landing lights” LED feedback
arrangement and document hold down clip it naturally encourages the correct placement and use of the reader, regardless if the user is left or right handed, maximising first time read rate for faster customer processing.
Gemalto has created a new stylish look that will fit into the décor of the most upmarket customer facing service desks.

Functions include:
> Optional support for biometrically enabled travel documents and driving licenses containing contactless integrated circuit chips (eIDs, eDLs and ePassports)
> Optical document authentication and verification in border management, police, transportation, banking and other commercial markets using additional software package
> Accurate, true-color images, with anti-glare technology to reduce document laminate reflections and ambient light interference therefore improving image quality
> A new progress bar with Tick / Cross indicators make reading a document intuitive, helping to direct the user during a read and visually show the result of the read
> Removable hood for easy document and mobile device placement, especially when using gloves 
> New design of document spine hold down clip, holds down new books and works on multiple, stapled books
> Reads 1D and 2D barcodes from paper and mobile devices


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