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Nidec Sankyo - Cashless Payment System UNO 6700 NFC Reader

Brand: Nidec Sankyo
Product Code: 20NID01E08
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♦Designed specifically to be hosted in a customized cradle
♦Supports USB powered configuration
♦Supports Offline PIN Authentication
♦Supports chip/signature
♦Micro SAM Slot
♦DUKPT (Derived Unique Key Per Transaction) support
♦IP 55 for outdoor installation
♦Power Supply:
8VDC - 45VDC or
5VDC from USB bus
♦Communication Interfaces:
USB2.0 / RS232 / RS485 / TTL
17mm(H) x 61MM(W) x 78mm(D)
♦Available in 2 mounting options:
♦ On Panel Mounting
♦ Flat Panel Mounting

Supported Applications:
1. EMV
♦Contactless EMV L1

♦VISA® PayWave MSD V2.1.3
♦VISA® PayWave VSDC V2.1.3
♦NDOT over VISA® for mass transit
♦VISA® Global Transit Payment Pilot Specification VI.2
♦VISA® Pilot Visa®PayWave Ticketing Extension Specification - Visa ® Integrated Universal Data Storage VI.3
♦VISA® Asia Pacific WAVE 2

3. MasterCard
♦MasterCard® PayPass M/Chip V3.0.3(including Data Exchange module)
♦MasterCard® PayPass Mag-Stripe V3.3
♦NDOT over MasterCard® for mass transit

4. Other Payment Specifications
♦ AMEX ExpressPay V3.0.1
♦ Discover ZipNetwork V2.13
♦ INTERAC Flash®VI.4
♦ Softcard (ISIS) SmartTap
♦ Apple Pay
♦ Android Pay

5. Mifare
♦ Mifare Ultralight
♦ Mifare Classic
♦ Mifare DESFire

6. Transparent (Pass-Through) Communication
♦ ISO/IEC 14443 Type A - Transparent Proximity
♦ ISO/IEC 14443 Type B - Transparent Proximity
♦ ISO/IEC 15693 Vicinity (Optional) - Transparent Vicinity

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