Honeywell - p1120n

Brand: Honeywell
Product Code: HWp1120n
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Thanks to its near-edge printhead, the p1120n Performance printer allows full use of the label so you can design and code barcodes that support detailed information. You can add images, too, and print the results on a wide variety of media types. The p1120n printer’s intuitive color touchscreen makes setup and performance enhancements easy. 

Being able to customize your barcode labels is great - unless your printer forces you to pack a lot of information into too tight of a space. The p1120n Performance Printer helps solve that problem. Its unique, 300 dpi near-edge printhead allows full use of the label. With a maximum print width of 108.5 mm (4.3 in), that means you can design and code barcode that support detailed information. Add images to your labels, too. 

And you can print your labels on synthetics, tags, self-adhesives and plastics. The p1120n printer gives you a flexible multimedia printing platform, so you can integrate barcode printing across a wide variety of applications. 

The p1120n also offers auto-loading capabilities, a user-friendly touchscreen and uses industry standard PCL printer language. It’s standardized to run on a variety of operating systems independent of any applications. That ensures you get faster, easier plug-and-play integration into SAP® and other network environments, so you can get your printer systems up and running sooner. 

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