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Access-IS  Multi-function OCR/MSR/BCR

Access-IS Multi-function OCR/MSR/BCR

Passport Reader (ATOM)

Flatbed Full-Page Document Imager & MRTD Passport Reader, visible, IR and UV lights, RFID with Barcode option. The ATOM allows for both desktop use and simple OEM integration into countertops, self-service kiosks and self-bag drops. The device delivers fast (non-swipe) MRZ decoding of passports and ID cards.

  1. Banking & insurance
  2. Mobile network operators
  3. Hotels, airports and car rental
  4. Gaming and casinos
  5. Alcohol and tobacco sales
  6. Tax refunds and money exchange
  7. Border control & law enforcement
  8. Document and visa Issuance
Full Page Document Reader
Thales AT10Ki

Thales AT10Ki

Intelligent Document Reader

With built-in high-performance processing and networking the Gemalto Intelligent Document Reader AT10Ki inspects, authenticates or captures data from electronic travel and
identity documents quickly and reliably in cloud and virtual computing environments.

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Manufacturer Thales (formerly 3M/Gemalto)DESKO GmbHAccess-IS
Model AT10Ki Reader PENTA Scanner ADR300 - ATOM
On-board processor Y Option N
Linux® Compatible Y Y N
True stand-alone mode operation Y– Linux® OS Option Module N
OCR Reading Y Y Y
1D/2D Barcode Reading Y Option Module Y
Driver License (1-line MRZ) Y Option Module Y
MSR Reading N Option Module Option Cradle
Chip Card Reading Option Option Module Option Cradle
RFID/NFC Reading (ePassport/eDL & iDL Option Option Module Option Cradle
SDK for Android and iOS Y N N
Host Interfaces USB3.1/POE Ethernet/WIFI/ Bluetooth Interfaces USB/Ethernet Option USB
Built-In Cyber Security Y, AES-256 API Dependent API Dependent
Digitally signed Updates via Web-API over Web-UI Y N N
Imaging Resolution 700 dpi 100-500 dpi 500 dpi
Ease of Document Placement/Reading Y, “Landing Lights” Automatic Automatic
Optional Hood available Y Y Y
True-Color Technology Y N N
Images: IR, UV and Visible Y Y Y
Mechanical 7.4” L x 6.3” W
x 2.6” H; 2.4 lbs
8.7“L x 5.9” W x
5.7”H; 4.7 lbs
6.8” L x 5.7” W
x 2.6” H; 2.0 lbs

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