Access-IS Passport Reader

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Access-IS Passport Reader

Access-IS Multi-function OCR/MSR/BCR

Passport Reader (ATOM)

Flatbed Full-Page Document Imager & MRTD Passport Reader, visible, IR and UV lights, RFID with Barcode option. The ATOM allows for both desktop use and simple OEM integration into countertops, self-service kiosks and self-bag drops. The device delivers fast (non-swipe) MRZ decoding of passports and ID cards.

  1. Banking & insurance
  2. Mobile network operators
  3. Hotels, airports and car rental
  4. Gaming and casinos
  5. Alcohol and tobacco sales
  6. Tax refunds and money exchange
  7. Border control & law enforcement
  8. Document and visa Issuance
Full Page Document Reader

Access-IS OCR640e

Desktop Barcode & Passport Reader

The OCR640e Desktop Barcode Scanner is a full-page multi-illumination ePassport reader. It captures ultraviolet and infrared images, as well the full page of a passport in colour.


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