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Access-IS BGR750 Boarding Gate Reader

Boarding Gate Reader

The BGR750 is a modern flatbed boarding gate reader for all barcoded boarding passes designed specifically to allow intuitive use with all media types including the latest phones, tablets, and smart watches. This boarding gate solution with optional contactless and MRZ passport reading has been designed with a very low profile, making it an ideal solution for desktop use.

  1. Banking & insurance
  2. Mobile network operators
  3. Hotels, airports and car rental
  4. Gaming and casinos
  5. Alcohol and tobacco sales
  6. Tax refunds and money exchange
  7. Border control & law enforcement
  8. Document and visa Issuance
Access-IS BGR135 Boarding Gate Reader

Boarding Gate Reader

The BGR135 is a compact boarding gate reader for 2D barcoded boarding passes (BCBP's) designed to read smartphones, PDA's and home printed paper documents. In addition, the BGR135 includes a receipt printing port and an integrated on/off switch.

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