The Basics of Barcode Scanners

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Barcode scanners are used in a variety of industries from retail to healthcare to transportation. Barcodes are literally everywhere and have changed the way many businesses maintain inventory, acquire information and facilitate sales. Having the proper scanner for your business can reduce transaction time while assisting in expanding your business.

Barcode Scanner In Use

The Technology of Barcode Scanners

Barcode scanners originated in the 1970’s and have only improved since their inception. Today there are two primary types of scanners to choose from, laser scanners and image scanners.

Laser Scanner

The laser scanner was the first type of its kind.Improvements have been made over the years but it’s still the same technology from when it was developed.These scanners work by the object being aimed horizontally over the barcode which then either absorbs or reflects the black lines and white spaces.It is an economical choice but does have limitations. If a label is damaged or poorly printed scanning can be difficult. A laser scanner is often used in retail environments and is only able to scan one-dimensional barcodes.

Imaging Barcode Scanners

The imaging barcode scanners take a picture of the barcode as opposed to reading reflected light like the laser scanner. This type of scanner offers more flexibility as barcodes can be read in any direction. It is also good at reading damaged or faded barcodes.If your needs include 2D scanning, you will need an image scanner.

Options For Barcode Scanners

There are several different options to choose from when selecting a barcode scannner. By determining your scanning needs you can select the ideal one for your business.

Presentation Scanner

Presentation scanners are designed to sit on a table or counter and do not need to be moved. They are hands-free, do not require a trigger and have a large scanning area.

In-Counter Scanners

The in-counter scanner is what is commonly seen at a grocery or retail store.Items are scanned over a screen in the counter and have a wide viewing area. They are very simple to use and can be seen in self-checkout registers in many stores like Target and Wal-Mart.

Handheld Scanner

A handheld scanner is either connected by a cord to the base or is cordless. They offer a wider range of motion and can reach longer distances. They are very easy to use, point at the barcode and push the trigger.

Buying a Barcode Scanner

The invention of barcode scanner revolutionized how businesses track inventory, acquire information and process sales. If your business is considering implementing this process, or already has, having the right equipment is essential to optimize the process. It may be overwhelming choosing not only what is right for your business, but what will be the most productive.

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